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Oh No: Kate Upton Does the ‘Cat Daddy’ for Terry Richardson [VIDEO]

Kate Upton Terry RichardsonIf Kate Upton decided to spend a day in Terry Richardson's den of horrors studio as a way of edging up her image and elevating her fashion cred after her porn-y Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, I thinks she might be sorely disappointed. Fashion's creepiest uncle just posted the spoils from their photo session to his picture blog, Terry's Diary, and what a treat! If you've been pining for a bunch of monochromatic snapshots of Upton's boobs, this is your lucky day. And there's more! The crowning achievement of the Upton x Terry collaboration? The video below.

Wearing what one would call, generously, an immodest bikini, Upton demonstrates the "Cat Daddy," a dance created by the rapper Rej3ctz. It's chilling. There's no nudity, but it's probably inappropriate for work.

Image and video via Terry's Diary

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