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FunnyOrDie Proves That Any Terry Richardson Spoof is a Good Terry Richardson Spoof [VIDEO]

Terry RichardsonDespite a number of disturbing allegations about Terry Richardson's very, um, personal relationship with models and one-trick-pony aesthetic, the fashion photographer will not stop getting work. Humor site Funny Or Die decided to take Richardson to task for his general skeeziness and over-sexed aesthetic. In a lot of ways, the video is a little tone-deaf: the character "Perry Michaelson" is shown chloroforming a girl while telling the interviewers that in his profession, you have to know how to work with models, who can be oh-so tempremental.

"I didn't even know I wanted to be a model," says one model. "But then Perry, he hit me over the head in a parking lot, and then he threw me inside of the van, and the next thing I know, I'm in Vice Magazine!" The jokes about violence are a stretch, but the line about Vice is a funny reminder that no matter how thoughtless and self-serving Terry's work might sometimes be, people still buy it, and think it's cool.

"He's a true artist," says another woman. "Constant, angry erections are just a part of his process."

But my favorite line comes from "Perry" himself: "I think what people relate to in my work is the complete lack of human empathy." Yeah. Maybe Terry and his fans deserve each other.

Image via Terry's World

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