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Team Canada’s Questionable Olympic Jean Jacket by Hudson’s Bay Company

All that was missing was a racoon cat from Team Canada's closing ceremony outfit last night. Decked out in the notorious Canadian tuxedo, our Olympic athletes sported jean jackets, embellished with a variety of Canada-inspired patches (logos of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Hudson's Bay Company, and indigenous animals) and teamed with heather grey maple leaf t-shirts and sweatshirts, tailored khaki pants, and white sneakers. Some of the Canadian Olympic Team also chose to wear maple leaf red summer toques as they celebrated their Olympic moment.

The questionable jean jacket was created by the Hudson's Bay Company, who've been a major sponsor of Team Canada throughout the London 2012 games. They say that their design was "inspired by Canada's love for denim" (allow me to pause for one moment while you process that quote) and symbolizes "exploration, adventure, accomplishment and pride."

"Canadian Olympic Team outfits were a real source of pride for our athletes and the talk of the Olympic Village," said Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer at the Canadian Olympic Committee in a press release. "The London collection is fashion forward and a great opportunity for Canadians to connect with our athletes and show support for the Team."

Fashion forward? That's the question up for debate in the Twitterverse today, prompting comments such as: "Canada wore jean jackets to the Olympic closing ceremony. What is this, some kind of formal event?" On the flip side, many were wondering how they could become the proud owners of their very own closing ceremony denim and for them I give you this link. Is it wrong that this thing is currently out of stock?

Images courtesy of Hudson's Bay Company