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Vancouver Retail Star: Twigg & Hottie

With Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week just around the corner, I thought I'd take the opportunity to chat with local retailer Twigg & Hottie, experts in the art of harmonizing fashion and the environment.

Founded in 2003 by fashion aficionados and designers Glencora Twigg and Christine "Hottie" Hotton — adding Jessica Vaira in 2006 — their store is located at 3671 Main Street on 21st Avenue (the coolest shopping district in Vancouver).

As the trio tell me, their reason for setting up shop was simple. They wanted to "get our designs out into the world without having to beg another retailer to carry us and to help other independents get the same opportunity."

Those other independents range from We3 Designs, Prairie Underground, Second Denim, El Naturalista Shoes, TOMS shoes, Bronsino Leather, Birds of North America, Kdon by Kim Cathers, Ruelle, and Torn Clothing. But why do they believe shoppers should be conscious of purchasing sustainable fabrics and ecological fashions?

"We should all feel responsible to do what is in our power to lessen the human footprint on earth and keep it sparkling for generations to come. As a values based business we are always proud of what we sell and connect on a deep and authentic level with our customers."

Not every designer will make the cut for a coveted place in their store. Quality, versatility, comfort, construction and fit all play a key role in decision, though fit is the most vital element. I own a We3 shirt from Twigg & Hottie and can certainly vouch for its hugging embrace!

Of course, being run by three very strong women doesn't necessarily mean all creative and business decisions will be easy. Though the three maintain they get along "most of the time," they say keeping their egos in check and being honest and open to discussion is of utmost importance.

"We are strong but our strength comes from our willingness to be vulnerable.  Also we are all dogmatically committed to the same life values and to each other. We're like three wives."

Yes, they have the same agenda, but the same taste? I asked each what would be the most coveted clothing piece at the top of their holiday wish list. Jessica says a plaid Glencora skirt, Gertrude wishes for a Stein dress, and Christine craves a Merino wool cardigan.

Though the three have no plans to open any more stores, their New Year's resolution will see Twigg & Hottie expanding its wholesaling and branching into the ever popular pop-up shop domain. Eyes peeled!

Images via Twigg & Hottie