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Vancouver’s Ashley Diana Morris: The New Face of Guess

Sex kitten is a term thrown about a lot these days, typically when talking about a woman who exhibits a sexually provocative lifestyle or an abundant sexual aggression. Rawwwrr! But despite its provocative and liberal connotations, the term was first coined in the conservative 1950s to describe French starlet and pouty nymphette Brigitte Bardot, circa And God Created Woman.

Each subsequent decade has since spawned its own version of a sex kitten — Lauren Hutton, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Giselle — and now Guess' Paul Marciano has found his next iconic femme fatale, who just so happens to be Canadian.

On the heels of Guess' 30th anniversary celebration, the fashion house has, in its own words, "undiscovered a fresh face" as the new Guess girl of 2013. Ashley Diana Morris hails from Vancouver and is being touted as having the stunning good looks of Anna Nicole Smith (pre Marshall v. Marshall affair), the poise of Claudia Schiffer, and being labeled as the next Brigitte Bardot of our generation.

The 5'9 bombshell was discovered in her hometown by photographer Odette Sugerman (Guess, Vogue) and, after finding out she had never modeled before, Paul Marciano flew the young beauty to Los Angeles, met with her and knew right away he had found a star — his next muse. 

"This feels like I won the Super Bowl of modeling. When Paul Marciano said that I will be one of the most recognized faces in the world because of Guess, I felt like I was following in the footsteps of women who I dreamed of being like since I was a little girl. I'm still pinching myself it's all so surreal," says the buxom blonde Morris.

Not long after that surreal meeting, she was presented with a multi-figure modeling contract with the clothing brand, which has previously made megastars out of the likes of Kate Upton, Adriana Lima and Jessica Heart. As the latest in the line of It girls, Morris is coming onto the fashion scene with the Guess lingerie and bikini campaigns, some of which you can see below. Oo la la.

Images via Guess/Odette Sugarman