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Cara Delevingne and the Downside of Being Fashion Week’s Favorite Model

Cara Delevingne and the Downsides of Being Fashion Week’s Favorite ModelNow that New York Fashion Week is over, we can safely say that the biggest story to come out of the industry event has nothing do with inclement weather, delayed Marc Jacobs runway shows or John Galliano comeback tours. No, if there's one thing we'll remember for time immemorial it's that on the last day of NYFW, Cara Delevingne made a late night pit stop at McDonald's and Splash News' crack team of paparazzi was on hand to break the story in the creepiest way possible. 

Many people are intimately familiar with the slimy, invasive way strange men sometimes talk to young women on the street. Now imagine if you were a marginally famous figure and those overly-chatty strangers knew who you were and didn't really think you had any right to privacy. And you had to be nice to them because they were behaving in a vaguely threatening way and also had a camera, and you knew that everyone on the Internet would delight in calling you a "bitch" if they had a reason to. That's the nightmare which visited upon the 20-year-old British model (this season's 'It'-est girl) after she was recognized by paparazzi yesterday. 

We aren't going to link to the video or the story because we don't want to reward harassment with traffic or video views. Here's the transcript:


(The video opens with a shot of CARA ordering at the McDonald's counter. 
She doesn't know she's being filmed. The camera gets closer and closer to her.)

We're gettin' our eat on with Cara.

(CARA turns around. She looks surprised but smiles for the camera.)

Hi guys. What's going on?

We're hanging out with you Cara.

That's so funny. How did you get down here? That's hysterical.

(CARA does not appear to really think it's "hysterical.")

Cara Delevingne and the Downsides of Being Fashion Week’s Favorite Model

We saw you guys driving by. We were working on Miley. And then we wanted to say … I saw you and I was like, you know what? It's Valentine's Day, I got to say, 'Happy Valentine's Day to my homey, Cara.'

Thank you so much, happy Valentine's Day. 

(A cut. We see Cara from behind again. She's doing something at the drinks station.)

You're gonna be working Valentine's Day?

(Without looking up.

I heard you got a new line for Valentine's Day.

"In Bed with Cara."

In Bed with Cara?


(Creepy laughter)

(CARA murmurs something indistinguishable.)

Let's see what Cara likes to drink … Get that Coca-Cola on, girl. 

Ahhh well, I'm glad Splash News thought it would be a cool idea to harass a young women just to provide the world with video proof that a near-teenager is willing to ingest "calorific" fast food despite her modeling career. 

Image via WENN

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