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Watch Kate Moss Read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ [Leftovers]

I was going to post this video earlier as part of my Emma Watson for Fifty Shades of Grey post, but because that turned into such a hard-hitting investigation, there just wasn't a place for fluffy videos of supermodels reading erotic novels in front of live audiences to raise money for charity on British radio. 

But the Internet is a wonderful place, one which always makes room for video proof of a high-earning model's literacy skills. So here it is, finally, after all this build-up, all this waiting: Kate Moss doing a rousing dramatic reading of Fifty Shades of Grey on BBC 1 to benefit Comic Relief.

The radio station had to raise £200,000 for the charity before Moss agreed to do the reading. According to Forbes, the 39-year-old Brit is the second highest paid supermodel in the world. Just saying, I hope she at least matched the charitable donations. 

[h/t Fashin]

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