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Kate Upton is American Vogue’s June ‘Dream Girl’

Kate Upton is American Vogue’s June ‘Dream Girl’

Image via Vogue

Kate Upton's US Vogue cover: no longer a distant dream. The Sports Illustrated model has been one of fashion's more polarizing figures ever since it became clear that she was trying to make the transition from swimsuit to high fashion. 

Her trajectory through the Vogue family: a swimwear story for Vogue Spain in July 2012; the cover of the Italian edition in November 2012; and both a spread for German Vogue and the cover of the British edition in January 2013

The American version of the glossy may not be as directional in terms of actual fashion taste as its French counterpart, but it is a market leader. US Vogue hasn't run a model on one of its covers since Kate Moss appeared on the September 2011 issue*. The cover of the publication's June issue calls Upton "the hottest supermodel on Earth," which of course sounds like lunacy if you're a fashion junkie, but Vogue's not talking to you — the publication's talking to the general public, which is what it does successfully from month to month. 

So what about the cover? Do yourself a favor and don't pretend it's not great. Shot by Mario Testino, Upton is utter summer, tan and blonde and glowy. I like the styling, the salty, sun-dried hair and printed, classically-fitted one-piece swimsuit. And I approve of the way whoever Photoshopped this photograph blued the model's blue eyes. 

You can see the full spread here and read the accompanying profile here — which, by the way, features many fascinating tidbits about Upton's life, like what she wears when she works out (leggings), what Michael Kors thinks when he looks at her figure ("This is a person who’s enjoying life"), how old she was when she got her boobs (15) and her nationality (“I’m American"). It's depressing.

*Correction: A previous version of this article said that the last time Vogue had run a model on its cover was in April 2010.