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You Can Help Bambi Northwood-Blyth Design Her First Solo Fashion Range ‘B.BAM’

Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Because she does apparently have some downtime in between flying to exotic countries, partying with the upper echelons of fashion and getting engaged to other frequenters of Sydney social pages, Bambi Northward-Blyth has found a new creative outlet in sketching clothing designs. And now she’s bringing them out of her notebook and IRL with a little help from her friends at General Pants.

B.BAM will be Bambi’s first clothing range as an official slashie (those outside of fashion circles tend not to count ‘Exemplifyer of the Perfect Brow’ as a legit occupation). It drops in stores and online in September, and there’s apparently something for everyone who doesn’t interpret ‘personal style’ too literally:

“Any girl who rocks a street style vibe, is ready to mix and match clothes, swapping with her friends and ain’t too stuck on one trend. The collection is a mash of dress/messy and pretty/tough and is made for all girls, young and old.”

On her influences:

“The collection has a good mix of gingham, vintage cotton, terry-toweling as well as sequins, embroidery and lace. One of my main influences was to make the range like a uniform, having the ultimate shape and design, so I took inspiration from Clueless and other 90s movies and made it more B.BAM style.”

Any sartorial love child of Bambi and Cher Horowitz is one we’re bound to love like our own. And if you want to dip your own foot in that talent pool you can head to the General Pants website to enter your own T-shirt design. Winner gets a taste of fame and a heap of street cred, but if design isn’t where your skills lie you can vote on someone else’s to win a $500 GP gift card.

Bambi’s now-fiancé Dan Single (formerly of Ksubi) has recently launched a line through General Pants himself. DAAN is a paisley-heavy menswear collection drawing inspo from womenswear, which we assume is sort of like the opposite of boyfriend jeans.

Images: Bambi's Instagram