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Miranda Kerr Strips Down for KORA Organics

When you’re making what is undoubtedly a stupefying amount of money for dressing up as a sexy Lipton Tea Santa, it’s unlikely you need a day job. But the life organic is obviously something Miranda Kerr feels very strongly about. Case in point: the photo shoot she recently did for her own line of organic skin care, Kora Organics, which has just landed prime real estate on Net-a-Porter Beauty’s cyber shelves.

Kerr posted this teaser of the shoot to her approximately 1.6 million Instagram followers, amassing 127k likes. And we don't think they're complimenting her fine jewellery. Good to see that nipple slip didn’t affect Kerr's willingness to take her top off, which she has been doing rather tastefully lately after parting ways with her VS Miracle Bra. 

The shoot also functions as an inadvertent poke at retail behemoth David Jones. The department store recently dropped the 30-year-old model former brand ambassador, ending a five-year relationship. Not so worn out after all, is she DJs?

Miranda Kerr for KORA Organics