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Up-And-Comer Turned Cash Cow: Cue Takes a Slice of Dion Lee’s Lucrative Pie



Dion Lee first fooled around with Cue back in 2011, collaborating with the brand on a popular capsule collection based around modern office-appropriate separates.

Now the two have made their love affair official. After a few months of speculation, Cue and Dion Lee have announced a joint partnership, with the high street icon acquiring an undisclosed shareholding in the high end label. Cue Clothing Company operates 231 stores across Australia and New Zealand under its Cue and Veronika Maine brands.

Both parties have been quick to stamp out rumours that the acquisition is the result of financial difficulty, and we’re pretty confident that’s true. Dion Lee is the Australian fashion industry’s deservedly lionised golden child and the most oft-cited example of young designers finding success in the face of economic uncertainty. And keep in mind it was he who approached Cue regarding 2011’s collaboration.

According to Lee, the deal frees him up to focus more heavily on the creative side. “Having a partner allows me to become more creative and allows me to take on more exciting projects and build the brand to its utmost potential,” he told The Australian. “That’s difficult to do with an unfunded business.”

Here’s to a newly cashed-up Lee and his continued trajectory onto the international landscape.