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23 Reasons to Care About Jennifer Lawrence’s Birthday

Image: Joel Ginsburg/

Image: Joel Ginsburg/

  1. It's today. 
  2. It's trending on Twitter. 
  3. It's … wow I can't think of a third reason. 
  4. Does that count as a reason?
  5. Jennifer Lawrence turns 23 today, which is a good age. 
  6. Hm.
  7. Although for many people, it's a frustrating age. 
  8. It was okay for me. 
  9. Being 24 was better than being 23. 
  10. But it might have been a different experience if I'd been an Acadamy Award winner and a Vogue cover star
  11. There's still time. 
  12. How will I ever come up with eleven more reasons?
  13. Apparently celebrity birthday roundups are a daily column in some newspapers
  14. I thought of calling The Columbus Dispatch to ask when and why the paper first started printing the feature. 
  15. But I didn't.
  16. Why should some poor reporter busy serving the fine people of Columbus, Ohio care about me having a slow news day?
  17. And anyway, it would be better to ask an archivist or a historian. 
  18. But again, I couldn't go through with it. 
  19. Although it's a legitimate question.
  20. Why do people care about celebrity birthdays?
  21. (Apart from anyone who has to create Internet content or write celebrity birthday columns for the newspaper.)
  22. I reserve the right not to care about anyone who doesn't care about me. 
  23. Happy birthday Jennifer Lawrence!

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