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50 Holiday Gift Guides to Give the Holiday Gift Guide Enthusiast In Your Life

This holiday gift guides guide is my gift to you. 

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

  1. For style-conscious pets 
  2. For fulfilling your favorite gamer's holiday dreams
  3. For tech-savvy audiophiles
  4. For eco-shoppers
  5. For someone who wants/needs a standing desk
  6. For the Red Raiders fan in your life
  7. For gifts that give back
  8. For athletes who like gadgets
  9. For stylish men
  10. For Walking Dead fans
  11. For finicky foodies
  12. For Lauren Conrad's friends and family
  13. For people who live in San Diego
  14. For writers
  15. For 'Internet' users
  16. For sensitive Baby Boomers
  17. For foodies who won't judge you for being a cheapskate
  18. For Austin art scene aficionados
  19. For nieces and nephews
  20. For geeks
  21. For cooks
  22. For cigar smokers
  23. For someone you want to splurge on
  24. For people who still buy CDs
  25. For bookworms
  26. For people who watch TV
  27. For runners
  28. For Mr. Uncomplicated
  29. For weirdos
  30. For 'Castle' fans
  31. For party animals
  32. For future laptop owners
  33. For digital photographers
  34. For people who read science books
  35. For sad Knicks fans
  36. For people who won't realize their gift comes from Bartell Drugs
  37. For people who might appreciate recieving a map
  38. For Chicago residents
  39. For local beer and wine drinkers
  40. For pop music fans
  41. For sporty females who ski
  42. For your Gleek
  43. For (yoga) squatters
  44. For your four-legged friends
  45. For techno junkies
  46. For the gardening guru
  47. For the insomniac
  48. For pretty-headed people living in cold climates
  49. For your new boyfriend
  50. For the tFS reader

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