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Google+ and Topman’s Innovative Coverage at London Collections: Men

This week marks the return of London Collections: Men featuring menswear collections from some of our favourite designers including Paul Smith and J.W Anderson (images below). Running through today, London has been hailed as the menswear capital of the world as leading fashion movers and shakers hit the city to mark its fourth season.



Topman’s Show
We’ll be providing you with a review of our favourite menswear shows, but we feel the need to talk about Topman’s show, as it was just so innovative! This season, they teamed up with the social media network Google+ to heighten the interactive and social experience of their runway show.

Oh So Social!
Together they not only provided the public with an exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes of the runway show, but also made it shoppable with the help of a cleverly created Google hangout. Meaning, viewers could snap up their very own Topman Fall 2014 pieces directly from the catwalk or even select the clothes that its hosts were wearing as they went behind the scenes and conducted interviews.

Emulate the Models’ Experiences
One thing about any Fashion Week is that everybody who has never modelled always wonders what it’s like to walk down the runway. So, in hand with live streaming on their site and social media, Topman planted tiny little micro cameras on each of the runway models to capture exactly what they see as they showcase the collection. This was then simultaneously screened in the corner of the main show’s footage.

As the tendency to use social media continues to increase, brands are continuously striving to come up with cool new concepts, which is great news for those of us who can’t make it to the shows, as we can feel part of it without even leaving the comfort of our own homes.

Images: ImaxTree