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Victoria Beckham to Open Debut Store in London

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Victoria Beckham is cementing her name in the fashion industry with real bricks and mortar. It is confirmed that she will be opening up her debut eponymous store in the autumn, on none other than Dover Street in the heart of London. Despite the fact that the designer shows her collection in New York, London is still a very important hub for her, and this area in particular. "There are great galleries in the area. There's Dover Street Market directly opposite of us, which is not a bad thing," She told WWD today.

The new store will be home to every string on Ms Beckham’s bow, housing Victoria Beckham, Victoria Victoria Beckham, denim, optical and accessories. The store is situated opposite the infamous Dover Street Market in a 7,000-square-foot space and with Olympic park architect Farshid Moussavi on board, it is no doubt going to be a truly exciting shopping experience. Victoria also mentioned that she wanted to start by "drilling a massive hole through the middle," so perhaps she is turning her hand to interiors as well now?

The move to street level stores seems to be timed extremely carefully and as Victoria says, "I think the time is now because I know my customer." The brand of Victoria Beckham is now 5 years old, has continued to defy critics of the former popstar and this is a real triumph.

Discussing the strategy behind the design house, the designer said, "I did believe in creative visualization and I always had high hopes. I believed what I was doing and I think I have a strong point of view. I always hoped. I like to look at the big picture and I like to build things in the right way. I never went into this thinking that it would be a flash in a pan."