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Maurie & Eve’s Autumn Campaign Is an Ode to Denim and Skate Parks


Maurie and Eve are dropping it down for Autumn 2014, and by ‘it’ we mean the crotch. Denim’s most controversial style isn’t being lifted this year at least, it seems, but these are less Bieber and a bit more structured.

We’ll have to wait and see how those play out on people who aren’t Alexandra Agoston, but the Sydney-based brand has plenty of offerings sure to court universal approval. Boxy denim jackets continue the oversized ode to the 80s, and in the non-denim department are tees and tops cropped in all the right places. They’ll probably look just as good with above-the-bellybutton waistbands too but think of it as an incentive not to cancel your gym membership.

For a hint of glamour, check out the velvet sequins on the bomber styles and the basics in luxurious Italian neoprene (yep, that’s still around too). Those relaxed silk silhouettes and midi length dresses the Maurie & Eve ladies do so well are back with daring mesh inserts.

The obvious benefit of all that cropping and slashing is that you don’t really have to wait until winter to wear most of the pieces. Though when it does actually get cold, there’s also a selection of luxe knitwear to layer as you will. High five to that.

Also, when did people stop hanging out in empty skate parks? Let’s make this a thing again too.