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Team Canada: Shenae Grimes-Beech Becomes the Face of Annabelle Cosmetics

Shenae Grimes for Annabelle

You probably would have seen Annabelle Cosmetics on the shelves of Shoppers Drugmart and you definitely would have seen Torontonian Shenae Grimes-Beech on your screens in Degrassi and 90210. What do they have in common? Well, Shenae has recently been unveiled as the new face of the Canadian cosmetics brand.

Given her penchant for all things beauty and lifestyle — just check out her Two Halves blog and Instagram — Shenae was a natural choice for the Montreal-based company. “With her vibrant personality and great fashion sense, Shenae personifies exactly what the Annabelle Cosmetics brand stands for," said François Lafortune, vice-president marketing for Groupe Marcelle, Inc. "We are thrilled to have a strong and talented young woman to represent it."

Shenae (pictured wearing an electric blue mascara) and Annabelle Cosmetics share many great characteristics: Canadian roots, a youthful and trendy flair for fashion and an eclectic yet feminine look. “For me, the brand feels nostalgic in a way — I’ve grown up with it, and still buy it today," explained the actress. "I’m super proud to be affiliated with a big piece of home.” Her most important beauty tip? “Be confident and never apologize for being yourself!”

Indeed, the nostalgia element is rife as Annabelle Cosmetics is undoubtedly one of those brands you first turned to when starting to experiment with makeup. It’s playful, vibrant and perfectly pocket-friendly (keep your peepers peeled for Shenae’s limited-edition lipgloss for just $9.95), but best of all, it's homegrown. It only makes sense that they would enlist a fellow Canadian to rep the brand. Kind of like a new Team Canada for beauty, don’t you think?