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Celebrate London Fashion Week with Sadie Williams’ Barbie Collaboration

It’s the calm before the storm as London Fashion Week begins this Friday, and if the prospect of seeing some of our favourite designers unveil the trends we’ll no doubt be testing out next season wasn’t enough, we’ve discovered that Selfridges will be selling limited-edition Barbie dolls.

Are we too old to be getting excited about Barbie dolls? Well, who cares if officially we’re no longer their target market when they come kitted out in bespoke outfits created by designer Sadie Williams? Encapsulating her signature design style, the cute little outfits will look just like they've fallen right off her latest runway.

Sadie Williams 1Sadie Williams 2

The Barbie collection was inspired by graphic Amish quilts and paintings by Frank Stella, with the aim of creating princessy tomboys. Bold, vibrant and shimmering, the resulting pieces are going to make you wish you were actually a couple of inches high in order to fit into them.

So if you head over to Selfridges on Friday, February 14, you can snap up your very own limited-edition designer Barbie for £120. Now be honest, would you really complain if you got one of these little beauties for Valentine’s Day? Didn’t think so!

Images: Imax Tree