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Team Canada Toques Sell for $200 as Supply Fails to Meet Demand

HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY - Canadian Olympic Uniform

Though the Winter Olympics are officially over, and we can finally wrestle back control of our TV to mid-season, scandal-laden dramas (hello, The Americans), Hudson’s Bay continues to make a killing off its Team Canada garb.

Just last week, the department store announced it had sold out of its most popular item, the quintessentially Canadian $20 toque. “Completely sold out. Across the country,” staff told the Toronto Star when asked about the cheap and cheerful pompom hats. Well, the big department store may have sold the last of its cozy knits, but there’s one place in which the black market for beanies is thriving — eBay.

Team Canada

As Toronto Life first pointed out, eBay sellers are now offering the same $20 hats for a whopping $200 to those who missed out on securing a toque through legitimate channels. It’s the equivalent of popping into a backstreet alleyway and shopping for winterwear from a mysterious man’s open jacket. “Psst, you wanna try the Team Sweden mittens? I’ll throw in a Serbian scarf if you buy now. Cash only…I was never here.”

The New York Times described the Team Canada toque as one of the few stylish pieces to grace the Sochi opening ceremonies, while also commending their own holiday-style Ralph Lauren sweaters, which it seems are now also selling on eBay for well over $1000. In the meantime, the market is also being flooded with counterfeit Olympic goodies — a fake Sochi 2014 Olympic torch was selling for $7,000 — meaning that, as with most eBay merchandise, the message remains buyer beware. You may fare better in that back alley.

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