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Marie Claire Cover Girls: Lupita Nyong’o, Emilia Clarke, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Olsen and Elle Fanning — Yep, All of Them!

Marie Claire's May 2014 issue will arrive on newsstands later this month (April 22) with a big, splashy cover package featuring five of today's shiniest young actresses: Lupita Nyong'o, Emilia Clarke, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Olsen and Elle Fanning. "Meet our FRESH FACES!" reads the caption which accompanies all five stand-alone covers, photographed by Cedric Buchet. (Nyong'o, Olsen and Fanning also appeared together in Miu Miu's Spring 2014 campaign.)

The issue features individual interviews which each actress, which are partially excerpted below. 

Lupita Nyong'o:

Lupita Nyong'o Covers Marie Claire

Image: Cedric Buchet/Marie Claire

On being called gorgeous: “Being called gorgeous is not a bad thing! But at the same time, I don’t want to thrive on people’s opinions of me.”

On waiting for her category at awards shows: “I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s not even about the outcome; it’s about the agony of the unknown. It’s like waiting for test results in a hospital.”

On this past year: “It was phenomenal. As brilliant as it was, onward ho. I hope that I will get to work soon. In due time, what I should do next and what I want to do next will reveal themselves. I am not in the business of trying to top this year – that’s virtually impossible. I’d have to be pronounced the queen of England or something.”

Kate Mara:

Kate Mara Covers Marie Claire

Image: Cedric Buchet/Marie Claire

On getting rid of her red hair: “I felt relieved getting rid of red – people in my family were saying, ‘Red hair is your identity – you’ll ruin it!’ But I’m an actor. I’d shave my head if the part called for it. I love morphing into someone different; it makes you wear makeup differently.”

Emilia Clarke:

Emilia Clarke Covers Marie Claire

Image: Cedric Buchet/Marie Claire

On the future: “Personally, I’d like as many children as I can pop out, I reckon. You come from a happy family; you want to create a happy family. And in the same breath, I’d like to be on stage at England’s National Theatre, doing Miller and Chekhov. Give me a Sam Mendes/Tennessee Williams combination — that would be glorious. And to be making some Oscar-worthy movies with Scorsese. I’m always looking for the hard road. That way, you remain interested and interesting. Hopefully.”

Elizabeth Olsen:

Elizabeth Olsen Covers Marie Claire

Image: Cedric Buchet/Marie Claire

On the lifestyle she wants to have: “I definitely know what kind of lifestyle I want to have. Some people recognize you for your work, not for being pictured going to clubs. So, I try and keep that kind of profile that people know you from your work and that’s it. There are some jobs that I’ve said no to, because I know what kind of attention they will bring. I choose not to have that specific kind of attention.”

On whether she’s the muse for her sisters’ [Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen] clothing line, Elizabeth and James: “God, no. I just try and see what they do and copy them like the rest of the world does.”

On whether the Olsen name is a boon or burden? “Everyone has their hurdle to get over, and if mine is that I have to [prove] I’ve earned my jobs, I’m OK with that. I’m in it for a ride, and I’m in it for the long run.”

Elle Fanning:

Elle Fanning Covers Marie Claire

Image: Cedric Buchet/Marie Claire

On how she dresses: “I like to dress my age. You don’t want to look too old when you’re not, or too young when you’re not.”


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