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Miranda Kerr Designs a Tea Set, of All Things, for Royal Albert

Model Miranda Kerr pictured with her tea set for Royal Albert

Image: Royal Albert

Now that Miranda Kerr's a single gal, she's got time to stop, sip some tea and enjoy the benefits (term used loosely) of being a bachelorette in New York City. If you follow this reasoning, then it makes perfect sense that the former Victoria's Secret Angel has teamed up with Royal Albert on a collection of bone china, which will drop (hopefully, not literally…that would be a mess!) tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Aussie time.

The range includes all the trimmings for a proper tea party: cups, saucers, strainers, kettles, cream and sugar pots, tea caddies, plates and cake stands, all decorated with pink peonies and butterflies. For the lowbrow tea (or coffee!) drinker, there are also mugs. According to the very pink lookbook, the collection was designed with Kerr's love of nature in mind and memories of her days drinking tea from her grandmother's own Royal Albert set when she was but a wee lass in Australia.

As an added bonus for Australian residents, Kerr will be on hand May 16 to officially launch the collection and have morning tea with a few lucky fans with deep pockets. The first 50 people to spend $199 AUD on items from Kerr's collection will each win two tickets to the event.

If the collection reminds you of something you saw at Sister Odell's house during her Sunday post-church afternoon socials, you're not alone. But, uh, if flowers and butterflies are what you're into, this stuff is pretty perfect.