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Watch: Lily McMenamy Monkeys Around for The Walkmen’s Walter Martin

Lily McMenamy The Walkmen

Image: Vimeo Screenshot

Model Lily McMenamy brings her distinctive look and goofy energy to a new music video from Walter Martin's (of indie rock group The Walkmen) first solo album. In "We Like the Zoo (Cause We're Animals Too)," McMenamy twirls and whirls her way through New York City, dancing her way through Washington Square Park and bodegas.

The unofficial video was directed by filmmaker and photographer KT Auleta, with Martin's blessing. The songwriter tells T Magazine how the project came about:

“KT is friends with my wife, and we were talking about this concept for a video she and Lily had. I thought it was so funny I suggested she use my song for it. It’s bright, fun and spontaneous, and I loved how ‘New York’ it was. It basically follows the theme of the song — how people are animals, basically. The beast in us is just wild at heart.”

Watch it here: