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Want a Master’s Degree from Condé Nast? Soon You’ll Be Able to Get One

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After terminating its internship program late last year, Condé Nast is developing what might be a new path for those aspiring to work in media. The publishing empire will partner with yet-unnamed universities to develop a series of accredited certificate programs and master's degree programs, reports InsideHigherEd, centering around individual Condé titles (initially, Architectural Digest, Wired and Gourmet)Courses will be taught by authors and editors (many of whom are already working within the university system as adjuncts, Condé points out), with some financial support provided by the parent company. 

This is not the publishing giant's first foray into higher education. Last year, Condé Nast launched the College of Fashion & Design in London, which offers a 10-week Vogue Fashion Certificate (£7,920),Vogue Fashion Foundation diploma (£23,472) and Vogue Summer Intensive (£3,360).

In recent years, Condé Nast has sought to diversify its business model (for example, in February, the media giant launched a new line of upscale frozen meals) in response to the changing media landscape. It's yet unclear whether the company's new university courses are seen as a revenue source, a way of generating brand loyalty and awareness among the next generation, or as a replacement for the shuttered internship program. Perhaps all of the above?

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