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The Sarcastialist: Bringing Street Style Down to Earth

There is no denying that we all love a bit of street style browsing and can wile the hours away clicking through page after page of beautifully shot images. The street style photographers (and subjects) have practically taken over Fashion Week, so it is more than refreshing when someone decides to poke a little fun at the whole circus — even more so when it is on Twitter.

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image: Twitter @sarcastialist

With a cheeky homage to street style patriarch, Scott Schuman's website The Sartorialist, The Sarcastialist is, as the name may suggest, a brilliantly irreverent take on the lavishly dressed subjects on the streets today. It is not simply Schuman whose images it targets, as Yvan Rodic and Facehunter are among the many other street style photographers that have had their images taken and posted onto Twitter with hilarious captions underneath. The likes of Olivia Palermo, William Gilchrist and Giorgio Armani all feature on the feed with witty new quotes.

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image: Twitter @sarcastialist

The founder, who is from Liverpool, spoke to Buzzfeed saying, "The Sarcastialist came about because of the way the people in 'street style' blogs are portrayed. We're meant to think these characters are having a much better time than we are: spending all day… drinking eight quid cappuccinos, before riding home on their Danish racing bikes to watch Jean-Luc Godard films." He went on to add, "This might be true but I'm convinced they have to worry about waiting in for the Iceland feller, or getting mince out of the freezer as much as the rest of us, so I thought it would be nice to show another angle." 

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image: Twitter @sarcastialist