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Link Buzz: Bella Hadid Signs with IMG, the Selfie Blossoms Into the Smelfie

  • Gigi Hadid‘s younger, equally gorgeous sister, Bella just inked a modeling contract with IMG. [@bellahadid]
  • Joanna Coles really likes her job at Cosmopolitan, and having sex. [The Daily Beast]
  • Nicole Richie‘s Candidly Nicole show isn’t doing too hot in the ratings area. [Page Six]
  • Cara Delevingne snaps a selfie with an NYPD officer. [Mirror]
  • Could Kim Kardashian‘s waist get any smaller? Why yes, yes it could. The reality star is jumping on the “waist-training” trend, and shows the proof on Instagram. [@KimKardashian]
  •  Check out magazine’s Vogue infographic. Apparently, Anna Wintour‘s been rocking her signature bob since she was 15. [T magazine]
  • The “smelfie,” — a camera phone designed to look like a perfume bottle, created specifically for taking stealth selfies — is a thing. This is how real the narcissism is in these streets. [FT]
  • This woman spent more than $150,000 on plastic surgery, so she could look like her caricature and have heart-shaped nipples. What a world. [Cosmo]
  • Plus-sized fashion isn’t doing that well because plus-sized customers simply aren’t buying. [Time