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A.P.C. Is Sorry Jean Touitou Said ‘N***a’ When He Was Just Trying to Be Hip

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

This week, Jean Touitou learned a lesson every older European guy who has made his first black friend must learn: Under no circumstances should you use the n-word. No matter how cool it sounds in those rap songs. The A.P.C. designer caused quite a controversy during his men’s Fall 2015 presentation, when he introduced a look from a collaboration with Timberland he called the “Last N***as in Paris.” He proceeded to say the word about a million times, just before defending himself by saying that Kanye West is cool with him using the word, so it wasn’t inappropriate, although he managed to make a lot of people uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Touitou, the folks at Timberland were not buying his excuse and promptly announced plans to sever ties with A.P.C. “Simply stated, this kind of language and approach is in complete contrast with our values,” the brand said in a statement. “Timberland seeks to collaborate with designers and brands who are at the forefront of lifestyle trends; equally important, they must also share our values. We will not tolerate offensive language or racial slurs of any kind being associated with the Timberland brand.”

A.P.C. has come out to address Last N****sgate, assuring the public that Touitou didn’t mean to be offensive using an offensive word. “During the A.P.C. presentation in Paris Jean Touitou made a reference to two moments in recent popular culture. One being the song ‘N****s in Paris’ by Kanye West and Jay Z and the second being the Bernardo Bertolucci film ‘Last Tango in Paris.’ The connection was used to describe a look for the collection and was in no way intended to cause offense.”

So basically, A.P.C. is sorry you were offended, but Touitou is just so hip with his black friend that he couldn’t help himself. Who could blame a guy like that?

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