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Did Lucky Magazine Just Lay Off a Chunk of Its Editorial Staff?

Image: Lucky Magazine

Image: Lucky Magazine

We hear that things are getting pretty shaken up over at Lucky. Back in August, the magazine announced plans to launch Lucky Shops, an e-commerce venture in partnership with BeachMint. The new website,, is already live and should soon take the place of An email sent to Lucky‘s community says that come February 10, will be no more.

When we first got news of the changes at the magazine, it was believed that much of the current Lucky staff would be keeping their jobs once the publication switched over to the new platform. But a few insiders tell us that is not the case. Sources say that the magazine is laying off about 10 people in several departments (features, fashion, beauty, photo), including high-level editorial staff. A grim reaping indeed.

In November, Lucky cut three members of its editorial staff; the accessories director, fashion features editor and special sections director.

We reached out to Lucky for comment, and will update as soon as we hear back with more information. 

UPDATE: Fashionista confirms that staff members including their Executive Fashion Director (Alexis Bryan Morgan), Production Director (Donna Sollecito), Senior Credits Editor (Joane Amay), a beauty assistant, photo assistant, fashion assistants and accessories assistants were laid off. Jean Godfrey June will take over as Editor-at-Large.

UPDATE 2: We’re hearing from inside sources that the cuts were more extensive than we thought. All the fashion, jewelry and accessories assistants except for two have been cut. Photo, Bookings and Special Projects editors are also being laid off.