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Sharni Vinson Was a Disco Mermaid for a China Movie Premiere

Sharni Vinson

Photo: ChinaFotoPress/Getty

It was surprising that actress Sharni Vinson was able to stand upright on the red carpet at China’s Dragon Blade premiere over the weekend. She stepped out looking like a dolled-up mermaid ready to give the human legs thing a go, possibly at a nightclub in the 80s.

The former Home & Away beach-frolicker donned a two-tone shimmering gown by Phillip Armstrong to channel the mythical creature, adorned with a fish-shaped bodice and fishtail train. It would’ve been extra fishy if she swapped her bouffy middle-parted hair with mermaid-esque lightly curled locks, but we’re so glad that under-the-sea do didn’t make it to dry land.

The stylist responsible for the 31-year-old’s getup was celebrity stylist Adeel Khan, although we’d like to rename him King Triton if he’ll let us poor unfortunate souls do such a thing. We can’t wait to see if he stays on board for the remainder of the promo tour. Perhaps next time she’ll dress as a unicorn?