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Victoria Beckham on Why She Wears Flats More Often These Days

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Image: Getty

Back in the aughts, we would have been shocked, simply shocked to see Victoria Beckham out and about wearing flats. Oh, how times have changed.

The Independent just profiled the award-winning designer whose style, though it has remained aspirational for many women, has changed since she was known simply as David Beckham’s stylish wife. “I just can’t get my head around the footwear,” the designer famously said in reference to flat shoes, but these days it seems she’s ditching her sky-high heels for more comfortable fare. 

“I’m busier now – so I couldn’t totter around in a tight dress and a pair of heels! I think I feel a little more relaxed,” she said, before noting that perhaps her previous uniform of high heels and skin-clinging frocks were a little like a suit of armor for her. “I suppose if I’m being honest, I would have been scared, right at the beginning, to wear lots of layers and to wear a flat shoe. I would have been scared to do that. Now I’m not.”

We’re sure her feet are happier for it.

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