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Ariana Grande Delves Into Fragrance

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

You know what the world definitely doesn’t have enough of? Celebrity fragrances. And Ariana Grande is happy to add another one to the pot. The singer is launching a scent of her own for the first time, in partnership with LUXE Brands. Ariana says she’s always had an obsession with fragrance and though celebrities shilling the stuff isn’t anything new, the way Ms. Grande describes her love affair with perfume makes this new endeavor slightly more than a vanity project for her.

“I’m asked so often about which fragrance I’m wearing, or if I have a signature scent. I do have favorites, but I really want to create something that encompasses everything I love…which is why I am so excited to create my personal fragrance I can call my own,” she told WWD.

Ariana’s fragrance is due to hit shelves in September.

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