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Feast Your Eyes on Pizza Hut’s Meaty Nail Polishes

Try not to get too hungry, but Pizza Hut Australia released a pizza-inspired nail polish line. Yes, you read that right. Colours include a carbalicious “Dough You Need Me”, an almost-inappropriate “Meat Me After Midnight”, and, the cheesiest of all, a yellow “Say Cheese” hue.

More colours are inspired by the likes of veggies and pepperoni, and if you pull away the association with greasy food than the hues aren’t half bad. Think glittery red, mint green, hot pink, and cream amongst the eight shades on the menu, which aren’t so different from what we’ve already got sitting on our vanity tables.

Problem is, you can’t buy them. Only 30 sets were made as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion, with Pizza Hut Australia calling upon its Facebook fans to write a love poem about pizza to win the pack. The results were cheesier than a garlic pizza.

But hey, this Valentine’s Day you were rewarded for cheesiness and pizza puns alike with a yummy nail polish. Why wouldn’t you get in touch with your soft side for the love of pizza? Check out the entries below, and try not to vomit from the overload of the cheesiest cheese there ever was.

PizzaHut-4 PizzaHut-6 PizzaHut-3 PizzaHut-2 PizzaHut-1Photos: Facebook