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Donatella Versace Says She Isn’t as Cold as People Think

To the outside world, Donatella Versace seems like quite a tough cookie, but if you ask the designer, appearances aren’t always what they seem. Ms. Versace showed The New York Times through her office in Milan, letting us see inside her workspace, which is decorated with family photos and sketches of the late Gianni Versace done by Karl Lagerfeld.

In the clip, Versace muses on how it felt to lose her brother. “I was living my pain in public, and I couldn’t show my pain to anybody.” The designer also admits that she is “not a very secure person. I question everything I am.” As for her seemingly cold demeanor, Versace says that it’s all just a perception and that in reality, “no one is afraid of me. I mean not that I’m aware of, at least,” she adds with a chuckle.

Watch Donatella in the video above.

 [via NYT]