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Sam Frost Turns Down The Bachelorette Australia Role

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Sam Frost has turned down an opportunity to be The Bachelorette for 2015, as she “couldn’t think of anything worse” than going back to a show which so publicly humiliated her the first time around.

Sam, who was proposed to on national television only to be dumped by the time the finale aired, told The Daily Telegraph, “I have (been asked) and I turned it down.” She continued, “The Bachelor was 2014 and I just want to move forward. I couldn’t think of anything worse than being The Bachelorette to be honest.”

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge Melbourne Cup

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Now that second runner-up Louise Pillidge is shacked up with Sam’s ex-fiancé, love-rat Blake Garvey, and first runner-up Lisa Hyde is with model Tyson Mayr, it looks like the chances of a 2014 contestant returning as The Bachelorette could be slim. “I think they should just go with someone completely new. If I was a producer I’d do that,” Sam said.

Chantal Hryniewski, a 2014 favourite who missed out on hometowns, also shrugged off the concept of being The Bachelorette after splitting with Nova host Tommy Little. “I’ve just come out of a relationship so it’s not something I’ve thought about it,” she told The Daily Telegraph. Meanwhile third runner-up Jessica Jones, who was busy having forehead sex with Blake all season, seems to have kept her distance from The Bachelor aftermath altogether. 

Perhaps they’ll have to dig into the archives and pull someone from Tim Robards’ season. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Rochelle Emanuel-Smith.

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