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WATCH: Cara Delevingne Flexes Her Acting Chops in ‘The Face of an Angel’ Trailer

Cara Delevingne‘s acting career continues to go swimmingly. The model will appear in the Pan movie this summer, has already been cast in 2016’s Suicide Squad and has a bevy of other credits under her belt. Now, we get a look at the burgeoning actress in a trailer for her latest film, The Face of an Angel.

The movie focuses on the documentary filmmaker and reporter covering the Amanda Knox trial, looking to make a buck from the high-profile case. Delevingne is set to star alongside Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Brühl, as Melanie, a student tour guide. The movie is slated to hit theaters June 30, though it appears the U.K. release will be much sooner, coming March 27.

From what we can see, Delevingne seems to serve up quite a satisfactory performance but of course, we’re going to have to see the whole movie to get the full effect of her acting skills.

Watch Delevingne do her thang in the trailer above.

[h/t The Cut]