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Ladies: Guys Think Your Curvy Back Is Hot

Kim Kardashian latex dress

Image: WENN

Hey, ladies: did you need another part of your body to feel self-conscious about? Of course you did. A study of about 300 men showed that while plenty of guys are attracted to women with full chests and nice butts, it is also the curve of a woman’s back that makes the fellas go crazy. Scientists say that men are wired to find women whose backs curve 45° from the top of their booty quite appealing.

The curve they are referring to doesn’t necessarily have to do with the size of the woman’s butt. Back in hunter-gatherer days, women with more curved spines were preferred because their shape allowed for easier pregnancy and childbirth, as the angle helps minimize the pressure on a woman’s hips when she’s with child. “This benefit is critical: without being able to do this, women would experience a dramatic increase in hip torque (pressure) subjecting them to risk of muscular fatigue and injury,” Bilkent University’s David Lewis, who worked on the study says. “These benefits to women, in turn, would have created the background selective conditions for the evolution of a male preference for this angle: men who preferred such women would have had mates who were less vulnerable to spinal injuries, who would have more successfully foraged during pregnancy, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without suffering debilitating injuries.”

So, we ask: How long until back-curve modification surgery becomes all the rage?

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