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What Song Was Kanye West Dancing to During His Fondation Louis Vuitton Performance?

Kanye West‘s Paris Fashion Week is already far better than the couple’s last turn in the fashion capital for the Spring 2015 collections. Between hitting up shows and posing for photos with his wife and her new platinum ‘do (which will be featured in a yet-unnamed campaign), Kanye also booked a gig at the Fondation Louis Vuitton this weekend for a charity concert. 

The affair was very artsy and very Ye. The rapper reportedly requested that the security guards at the show refrain from blocking the screens around the stage so that the audience could get the full experience of the show. But possibly our favorite highlight has to be Yeezy’s little dance number, which still has us scratching our heads. Mostly because we’re not sure which song he’s dancing to exactly:

Kanye West: Truly a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. Whether we can hear those drums or not. 

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