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These Butt-Enhancing Jeans Are Selling Like Crazy in the UK

J Jasper Conran Butt shaping jeans

Image: Debenhams

Now that the mainstream consumer has finally realized that having a big butt is actually a good thing, the scramble to get a more shapely derrière commences. While some turn to plastic surgeons and others prefer to work on their curves in the gym, some women are hitting the shops to help them get a booty as shapely as Serena Williams’ behind. 

Designer Jasper Conran has created a pair of jeans that promises to add two inches to your butt, and apparently they have been selling like hotcakes at Debenhams. The jeans are designed to even your tummy and increase your backside with a heavier kind of denim material. The jeans also have strategic seaming that lifts your booty to create the illusion of a bubble butt — whether or not you really have one. 

The pants are part of the J by Jasper Conran line, which is exclusive to Debenhams and includes menswear, home and childrenswear. The jeans are available in bootcut, skinny and straight leg styles on Debenhams’ website

Now, if you’re looking to have a butt like Kim Kardashian’s, you may need some extra help, but if you want to give your booty a bit of a boost, it seems that Debenhams has you covered. 

[h/t Daily Mail]