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Discover JumpFromPaper’s 2-D Cartoon-Style Bags

Is it live or is it Photoshop? That’s the question these unique bags from JumpFromPaper are provoking all over Instagram.

The Taiwanese-founded brand creates innovative 3-D bags that appear to resemble a 2-D cartoon, and its campaign shots look like they’ve been digitally mastered. So much so, that you’ll find it hard to believe that what you’re seeing is a real-life bag and not a quirky doodle that’s been added onto the photograph later.

The brand aims to design bags that encourage people’s imaginations to go wild, while fulfilling their childhood fantasies, and there’s no denying that it’s doing just that. In addition to infusing your outfits with a touch of cool, these bags also have your practical needs sorted. The collection covers everything from classic crossbody bags to on-trend backpacks and handy grabs or purses. Plus, they won’t break the bank, with prices starting at around £20 for a purse.

You can shop the current collection at Let the accusations of Photoshopping your Instagram photos begin!