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American Eagle Outfitters and Aéropostale Get a Long Overdue Makeover

Image: American Eagle, Aéropostale

Image: American Eagle Outfitters, Aéropostale

You’ll be seeing a lot fewer people walking around with eagles embroidered on their sweatshirts. Teen retailers American Eagle Outfitters and Aéropostale have been stuck in the shadows of fast fashion meccas like H&M , but both seem to have found the light.

Seeing the success of other stores churning out trendy items without all the ham-fisted branding has made American Eagle Outfitters and Aéropostale rethink plastering their clothes with logos, and instead focus on creating a product more in tune with the tastes of their demographic. The retailers are hoping their new approach to design will help lure back customers — and give them a leg up over Abercrombie & Fitch, which is going through its own struggles as it tries to revamp its image. 

American Eagle Outfitters has fortunately seen some growth in the past few months. Things haven’t fared so well yet for Aéropostale, but it is turning over inventory faster than Abercrombie, which has been slower to embrace change. It’s about time these companies realize that logos aren’t the look on the streets anymore.

[via The Business of Fashion]