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Clean & Clear Taps Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings to Front Its Latest Campaign

Jazz Jennings Clean & Clear

Image: WENN

While there is still quite a long way to go in terms of diversity in advertising, there are brands dedicated to making real strides in order to recognize the many faces of beauty. Diversity goes far beyond the bounds of ethnicity or race and Clean & Clear is making an important statement by tapping a transgender teen to front its latest campaign.

Jazz Jennings is a 14-year-old trans activist, author and soon-to-be TV star appearing in a TLC docuseries about her life called All that Jazz. For Clean & Clear, Jazz is featured in a video for the campaign, in which she discusses her struggles growing up as a transgender child. “I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Growing up has been quite a struggle, being transgender, especially in middle school,” she explains. “I basically kept to myself, but this year I decided to make a change, and put myself out there to make new friends. For the first time, I invited girls over to the house. I started hanging out more… I’m just having fun being one of the girls.” 

Clean & Clear’s “See the Real Me” campaign invites girls to tell their own stories via social media and participate in the discussion with the hashtag #SeetheRealMe. Watch Jazz in a video for the campaign below.

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