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Olivier Rousteing Would Still Be Vain Even Without a Million Instagram Followers

Olivier Rouseting Bow

Image: WENN

If we woke up every morning and looked in the mirror to find Olivier Rousteing‘s reflection staring back at us, we probably wouldn’t make it to work on time to design rainbow-hued beaded fringed skirts for Balmain. Rousteing was recently named the most followed French fashion designer on Instagram, and while, yeah, we’re sure his legion of one million IG fans are following him to see his designs on gorgeous, leggy models, it also doesn’t hurt that he’s actually quite attractive himself. Can’t lie, we’ve liked more than a few of his #wokeuplikethis selfies ourselves.

But don’t think having so many admirers followers is going to Olivier’s head, because the guy was already feeling himself. “I don’t need to be famous to be vain about a selfie,” Rousteing told Vogue UK. “I could have 10 followers and I would still feel that way! I can take 20 pictures until I find one I like.” How Rousteing is able to choose the best of 20 probably perfect pictures is a mystery to us.

The designer also offered a few of his thoughts on the recent Dolce & Gabbana scandal, expressing a feeling of disbelief over the matter. “Honestly, I was shocked. Sometimes it is better, when you have these kinds of thoughts, just not to talk at all,” he said. “Just talk about Sicily. I have no words about that; that was bad. I’ve met Domenico and he is someone so nice, who has been so supportive, that I almost can’t believe that they said that.”

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