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Kat Von D’s Lipstick Shade Just Pissed off the Internet

Sexualizing underage girls is a creepy practice as old as time and in 2015, we’ve had enough of it. But apparently, the folks over at Kat Von D beauty haven’t, since they’re using it as a selling point.

kat-von-d-underage-red-pThe cosmetics label is selling a hue of lipstick creepily named “Underage Red,” which has shoppers up in arms. A woman tweeted an image of the store display featuring the lipstick shade (above) and the reactions ranged from Tyga and R. Kelly jokes to the simple “WTF?”

Kat Von D’s brand has been in trouble before for another lipstick shade called “celebutard,” which also rubbed a few shoppers the wrong way before it was removed from the product line. According to, Underage Red is a “cult favorite” (it’s also sold out online) so it’s only now gaining attention for the inappropriate name. In light of the controversy, we wager this particular hue will be going by another, less offensive name in the near future. 

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