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Gigi Hadid Insists She Didn’t Snort Cocaine at the VS Spring Break Party

Gig Hadid Cocaine allegation

Photo: Snapchat

19-year-old model Gigi Hadid is denying any drug-taking behaviour at the Victoria’s Secret Spring Break Party in Miami over the weekend, after boyfriend Cody Simpson‘s snapchat caught her in a compromising, cocaine-snorting position.

The model magnate seems to be pretty bloody offended that anyone would suggest she’s sniffing the same path as Kate Moss, taking to her Twitter for a series of tweets to set the record straight.

Alright, Gigi. No matter how suspicious it looks, we believe you’re a hugger and not a drugger. But, if you weren’t doing the bad bad thang, what were you doing so close to the bench? Lose an earring? Licking up some left over root beer? Please, do tell us.