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Gucci and’s New Smartband Has a Personal Assistant

Wearable tech is all the rage and Gucci and will not be left behind in the scramble to enter the emerging market. The pair has unveiled its project – the and Gucci Smartband, which they debuted today at Basel World 2015. 

The device, which Mr. calls a work of “fashionology” (that’s fashion and technology) can send and receive phone calls, emails and text messages, has a personal assistant feature, a fitness component and can access maps, take pictures, hold video chats and even has space for music files. 

The and Gucci is not dependent on other technology– it’s not connected to a particular smartphone and has a sleek, minimal look. and Gucci’s Smartband is being unveiled a week after Apple introduced its own wearable tech item, the Apple Watch, which will be available April 24 and can cost you anywhere between $349 and $17,000

We still don’t know when the x Gucci device is going to launch, but it is definitely going to be one of the many wearable watch items competing for dominance in the face of Apple’s impending launch.

[via WWD]