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Christopher Kane on Knock-Offs and Hating the Term ‘Bossy’

Christopher Kane

Image: WENN

Christopher Kane wishes you would stop using antifeminist language to describe strong, independent women. 

An interview with the Evening Standard took somewhat of a feminist turn once the designer started talking about the women in his life, including Tammy, his older sister and brand creative director. “I’ve always been supported and inspired by the women in my family. Tammy is very strong and my mum was so so strong. They instilled in me the idea that a woman can be anyone. She can have so many roles, she’s a chameleon. That’s what makes her great to dress.”

Indeed, Kane loves strong women so much that, like Sheryl Sandberg and Beyoncé, he is really not into any of the negative terms commonly used for assertive women. “I find it frustrating when women are seen as bitchy or bossy or crazy just because they’re strong. I love strong.” So do we, Christopher.

In the interview, Kane also talks about getting knocked off by high street retailers. He notes that it is indeed upsetting and a bother, but nothing is worse than being copied by another designer. “That always unsettles me,” he said. “There’s no excuse for laziness — and it is laziness. I see it and I think, ‘That was my idea’ but you move on. I don’t get bitter about it. I’ll just be better next season.”

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