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Pip Edwards Proves Her Cool Mum Status in General Pants Co’s Perfect Pair Campaign

Pip Edwards and son Justice

Photo: General Pants Co

Pip Edwards isn’t a regular mum, she’s a cool mum — just like Regina’s mum in Mean Girls, if you traded in the velvet tracksuit for ripped jeans and a messy lob. OK, so the comparison isn’t all there, but Pip has proved she’s got the awesome mum factor by teaming up with her 8-year-old son, Justice, for General Pants Co.’s The Perfect Pair campaign.

The project is about General Pants Co. finding their customers the perfect pair of jeans for over 40 years, looking to high-profile duos like Isabelle Cornish and Mitch Revs, Carissa Walford and Luke Farquhar, and Andy and Matt from Yolanda Be Cool to team up for photo shoots in support. Our favourite pair, though, would easily be Pip and Justice, mostly because they’re really freakin’ adorable.

“A mother and son pairing is super special,” Pip tells theFashionSpot, noting that the concept of a perfect pair isn’t always limited to romantic couples. Justice, who is also the son and stepson of Dan Single and Bambi Northwood-Blyth respectively, adds,  “We like to do everything together. We like the same things.”


Going on a little adventure with the j man …..

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Pip agrees, telling us he’s a great kid to live with thanks to his good company and cuddles. “We are the best roomies ever, but almost behave more like brother and sister,” she explains. Justice also finds his mum a bit of alright. He’s pretty thankful for her affections and, of course, her brains. “My Mum is smart. She helps me with my homework and she loves me.”

Oh, stahhp it, you two! 

Head over to General Pants Co.’s online store to snap up a perfect pair for yourself. Jeans, that is. Children not for sale.