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Discover Tata Naka’s Fall 2015 Cluedo-Inspired Collection

We always play the inspiration guessing game upon seeing a brand new collection. Was it inspired by an exotic location? Was it the designer’s love for a particular era and icon? When it comes to Tata Naka Fall 2015, we’ve solved the mystery: famous board games like Cluedo and classic whodunit films like Murder by Death

Images: Tata Naka

Images: Tata Naka

The result? Embellishment comes in the form of gold-threaded appliqués in the shape of Cluedo weapons like revolvers and candlesticks on wool, silk and vintage net. It’s a very kitsch touch and a perfect example of the brand’s humorous approach to designing.

Prints are also key to the collection as patterns resemble the Asian feel of Peter Sellers’ iconic inspector Sidney Wang across a vibrant palette of rich plum, bright corals and turquoise. In contrast to portraits created by the designers behind the classic Cluedo characters.

Want to emulate Tata Naka’s colourful collection on a shoestring? Infuse your springtime wardrobe with a splash of colour with our pick of the British high street’s finest.


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