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Chanel to Finally Add E-commerce by Next Year

Image: Chanel

Image: Chanel

When you’re a storied French fashion house like Chanel, you don’t need to follow industry trends in order to make money. Just a whisper of the word Chanel and you can cause any vaguely fashion-conscious person’s ears to perk up. This strong brand recognition is likely the reason why Chanel has been slow to adopt marketing practices that are invaluable to most brands. The label just launched its Instagram page in October and now it will finally arrive to the e-commerce party – fashionably late, of course.

Chanel’s president of fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, has announced that the label will finally offer an e-commerce option on its website, which could possibly launch in 2016. Pavolvsky says that they may have everything set up by September of next year. “It’s not so much a shift. It’s an evolution to better serve our customers,” Pavlovsky explained to WWD. “Some of the customers are able to come into the boutique. Sometimes they don’t want to because they want to go faster and they know exactly what they want, so it should be able to better respond to the customers’ requests. So it’s more e-service than a pure e-commerce approach.”

In the meantime, we’ll be expectantly waiting for Chanel’s big e-tail reveal. Call us crazy, but something about the thought of being able to buy a classic Chanel flap bag directly from the official website gives us warm feelings.

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