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Finally, the Book of Yeezus, a Bible Kanye West Fans Can Get Behind

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

Some people believe the Bible is the word of God, but what is the word of a deity against that of a self-professed genius who believes his art is the most important thing to our society? Absolutely nothing, which is why we think Kanye West will be pleased to hear that a few Etsy shop owners are taking the words of the Bible and making them even doper, by replacing mentions of God with ‘Yeezus.’

Shop owners TheBookofYeezus say they put together the tome as a lighthearted reflection of modern times. “This book wasn’t made to make fun at Kanye, nor to represent an undying devotion for him. Book of Yeezus is simply an exposition. It’s adding an original twist to something ancient and important in order to capture new meaning,” they write explaining their product. “We are trying to cast our spotlight towards the way cultural icons have come to be the contemporary spiritual figures in our information culture.”

The tome will set you back $20, a trifle for the privilege of reading the Bible according to the Steve Jobs of deities, Kanye West. 

[h/t Mashable]