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WATCH: Justin Bieber Walks Out Of Awkward-As-Hell Spanish Interview

Justin Bieber gets interviewed

Photo: YouTube

When Justin Bieber was interviewed by a radio station in Spain on Wednesday, things got uncomfortable pretty quickly. The interviewers asked questions like if he still goes to discos or can dress himself without the help of a woman, which weren’t remotely humorous or relevant, especially when delivered by a translator. 

Biebs kept it together throughout the 9-minute interview, trying his darndest to look enthused while politely chugging down on his water bottle in between questions, but he bailed at the first opportunity he got.

When the presenters proposed he help “break the internet” with some of Spain’s biggest YouTubers, Justin got himself the hell out of there, as the radio station helplessly screamed after him. He never returned, and we don’t entirely blame him. 

Watch him bolt after the 8-minute mark in the video below. Watch the interview that precedes it if you want to cringe like a lemon-sucking baby.